GeoQuote is an industry leading and patented carrier pricing tool. The GeoQuote interface  is provided by FibergGuide , a training and consulting company focusing on Wide Area Networking (WAN) consulting, and Fiber optic training.At FiberGuide, we leverage our technical expertise, many years of experience in fiber optics and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and strong partnerships with key industry players to provide services to the telecommunication and IT industries. Leveraging our technical expertise, our online research tools such as GeoQuote, and our relationships with hundreds of carriers and service providers, we help clients procure the best and latest WAN solutions for the least cost. FiberGuide Fiber Optic Training As demand for bandwidth continues unabated and as network technologies required to meet this demand become more complex, the need for highly trained engineers has never been greater. Under license from UK based Optical Technology Training (OTT), FiberGuide offers optical network training to planning and design engineers. The intense 5-day training and IEEE recognized coursecoversthe following topics: