Ethernet Services

FiberGuide offers easy access to a plethora of carrier Ethernet services from a large number of Ethernet service providers. Through GeoQuote, visitors can search from hundreds of Ethernet services, view instant quotes and, in some cases, order connectivity services online. In the case of more complex services that cannot be instantly quoted online, visitors can make a request for proposals or quotations through the system. A FiberGuide associate is always on standby to take your calls, discuss your technical requirements and arrange for proposals from two or more providers.

What are Carrier Ethernet services?

Most people are familiar with Ethernet in the local area network such as those connecting computing devices within buildings, campuses or data centers. Ethernet is also well knownfor connecting computers to peripheral devices such as printers and scanners. Today Ethernet is also dominating in Wide Area Networking (WAN) connectivity applications. Ethernet services refer to a group of Ethernet WAN solutions.

The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) define carrier Ethernet services as end to end services that can be transported across point to point and point to multipoint by Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVCs) according to E-Line, E-LAN and E-Tree configurations. However, for you the user, we focus on the Ethernet services that you can subscribe to. They include the following:

10 Gigabit Ethernet Internet

One of the most prominent use of Ethernet services found inGeoQuote is higher speed Internet access. Businesses requiring very high speed access, including 10 Gigabit Ethernet, take full advantage of the GeoQuote system to find providers accessible from their locations and/or generate price quotes. Options for accessing Ethernet for Internet include Ethernet over Fiber (EoF), Ethernet over Copper (EoC), Ethernet over Cable (coax), andEthernet transmission methods.However, Ethernet over Fiberand Ethernet over Fiber are the most commonly offered Ethernet Internet services through GeoQuote.

Ethernet over Fiber

Ethernet over Fiber is the ultimate for Internet access with speeds of up to 10 Gigabit per second or 10GbE. The use of optical fiber ensures higher security and the highest quality service with the lowest latency and jitter. Users already connected by optical fiber to a network provider can easily sign up for the service. If an Ethernet service provider is not already connected to your building, a service provider may arrange for the building to be connected provided it is within easy reach of their point of presence (PoP). You can make use of our free fiber lit buildings locator service to find out which service providers that are easily accessible from your building.

While a large number of businesses opt for Ethernet over Fiber, it may not be readily accessible in many markets. The distance from the building to the nearest point of presence may be too long and the connection may not be economically feasible. In such cases Ethernet over Copper (EoC) may be a viable option.

Ethernet over Copper takes advantage of local loop twisted pair copper to connect to the Internet. GeoQuote providers offer up to Gigabit Ethernet over EoC. Search GeoQuote to see if EoC is available in your area, generate multiple quotes, compare and even make an order request.

Ethernet Private Line (EPL)

Ethernet private line is a point to point Ethernet virtual connection between two dedicated User Network Interfaces (UNIs). It can be used to connect two company sites, such as a headquarters and a corporate branch. Ethernet private lines can be used to connect sites within a metropolitan area, across state lines or even in countries separated by oceans.

Ethernet services such as Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) and Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) are also available through GeoQuote.

Ethernet service providers

Almost all network providers with metro, terrestrial long haul or global fiber optic network can offer Ethernet services. Whether you are interested in connecting sites within the same metropolitan area, across the USA or International locations, we will recommend the right solution and provider.

GeoQuote has a huge database of Ethernet service providers ranging from metropolitan network providers to providers of huge networks that are part of the global Internet backbone. Search GeoQuote for the services of your choice and contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for.