GeoQuote Interface Migrated To Dedicated Domain – Geoquote.Co | Summary Of Carrier Services Available In The System.

To better serve the IT and telecommunication industries, FiberGuide has migrated its GeoQuote interface to a stand-alone domain – The move is in response to feedback from the users of the online carrier pricing tool. With the new interface, visitors should expect a much better user experience without the occasional timeouts.

GeoQuote is a free online carrier research tool developed and patented by Telarus, a carrier services master agent. GeoQuote supports personell from any organization with their carrier services procurement. It lets users instantly generate online quotations for a number of services or make a request for proposal/quotation. It also helps users determine whether a particular carrier service is available at their location. GeoQuote is powered by a large database of network and service providers each offering a wide range of services. For each service provider, the database carries multiple pricing packages. Services that can be quoted through GeoQuote are grouped as High Speed Internet Access, Multisite Networks, Voice, Integrated Access and network services.

High speed Internet access

All forms of Internet access services throughout the United States can威而鋼
be found in the GeoQuote and are briefly described in the following paragraphs:

Ethernet over Fiber

For the highest quality and high bandwidth Internet access, Ethernet over Fiber (EoF) is one of the best services available through GeoQuote. Up to 10GbE is available in some markets and one can easily check for availability and pricing in the system.

Ethernet over Copper

For businesses that do not necessarily require very high bandwidth, Ethernet over Copper (EoC) is a more cost effective option. Up to 50 Mbps (or more) can be delivered using EoC. Visitors can generate real time online quotations and place orders online.

Dark Fiber

Institutions with high bandwidth and high security concerns may opt for a dark fiber solution. Dark fiber is installed optical fiber that is not connected to transmission equipment. The dark fiber leaser is responsible for connecting the transmission equipment or to light the fiber. Once a visitor requests dark fiber in GeoQuote, a FiberGuide associate will check availability and pricing where the connection is required and get back with a proposal.

Business DSL and business cable

Business DSL and business cable are wireline lnternet connectivity solutions typically used for residential subsribers. When offering these services to businesses, business Internet providers package them with such options as business email, 24/7 support, fixed IP addresses and website hosting. Visitos can search GeoQuote for instant DSL and cable business broadband pricing quotes and place orders online.

T1 Internet

Although they typically have modest bandwidth of 1.5Mbps (3.0Mbps bonded) T1 lines are popular for dedicated access to the Internet especially in rural and underseved communities. They also provide multiple high quality voice services. Users can easily generate instant quotes and order T1 Internet service online.

Fixed wireless broadband

For some businesses, wireline Internet access such as fiber, DSL, cable or copper may not be be available. In such cases wireless access is the logical option. Users can use GeoQuote to generate instant quotes of wireless broadband packages available near them.

Satellite broadband

For rural businesses, satellite broadband might be the only option available. GeoQuote carries satellite broadband packages from every corner of the United States. Generate instant quotations for satellite broadband anywhere and place an order online.

Multi-Site Networks

GeoQuote has a rich mix of multi-site solution packages. Multi-site networks connect two or more locations such as a headquarters and branch offices. Whether the locations are within the same city, in different states, in different countries or even across oceans, there might be a solution in GeoQuote that will meet your requirements. Multi-site solutions available include the following:

Point to Point Networks

Point to point networks are configured to connect two sites. Ethernet private line is the most popular point to point solution in the GeoQuote system. Submit your request for quotation in the system and a FiberGuide associate will arrange for one or more proposals for you.

Multilocation Internet access

Instead of signing up with multiple providers to offer Internet to each of your locations, a GeoQuote provider can connect all your sites to the Internet. This is more cost efficient and ensures that you only deal with one provider for all your Internet connectivity. Request a proposal through the online carrier pricing system.

MPLS networks

A number of providers in the GeoQuote system have MPLS networks that cover the US and abroad. MPLS is most effective if a company needs to connect hundreds of sites together. Submit details of your requirements in the system and an associate will contact you before putting together a couple of proposals.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN mimics a physical private network and can be provisioned over most of our providers’ networks. Request for a proposal and an associate will contact you to discuss details of the solution required.

Ethernet WAN

While Ethernet is a very well-known data center or local area network connectivity solution, Ethernet is now widely used in the Wide Area Network (WAN) for multi-site connectivity. Ethernet virtual lines are one solution that fall under this category. Provide your request for proposal/quotation and an associate will get in touch with you.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

A metropolitan area network connects devices and/or buildings within the same metropolitan area – typically within 50km. Businesses can take advantage of the large number of metropolitan network providers within the GeoQuote sytem for their MANs. Submit your request and an associate will be happy to discuss details with you.


A VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) is a service connecting geographically displaced LAN services into one seamless LAN. Colleagues in geographically dispersed offices can work on the same network as if they were in the same office. A large number of GeoQuote providers can connect your LAN networks into a single LAN. Submit your request to receive a couple of proposals from different providers.

International VPLS

For companies with offices around the world, an International VPLS can be used to connect individual LANs into a seamless single LAN. Several GeoQuote providers can offer International VPLS in selected locations around the world.


Use GeoQuote for all your SD-WAN procurement by submitting details of your requirements. We will closely match your technical requirements with the most suitable provider in the system.

Voice Services

GeoQuote has a large database of voice services including:

  • Hosted VoIP
  • Local voice – T1
  • Local voice – PRI
  • POTS lines
  • Long distance – switched
  • Dedicated LD (Call center)
  • Mobility
  • Contact center
  • SIP (Local/LD trunks)
  • SIP/VoIP (LD buckets)
  • Voice over MPLS

Network services

Network services include the following:

  • Server colocation
  • Network monitoring
  • Data backup
  • Managed web hosting
  • Managed services
  • Remote storage
  • Security
  • Conferencing
  • Call center software
  • Data center services
  • SalesForce automation
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Google Apps for Business
  • CRM services
  • Gamification

If we haven’t covered what you are looking or you have a general comment about GeoQuote, contact us. You may also want to check out Fiber lit buildings, wavelength services and IP transit.